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Pressure Plate Springs | Clutch Plate Springs | Engine Valve Springs

Kalyani Springs understands the value to our customers for qualified engineering support. Kalyani Springs engineers can offer assistance from design conception through project completion. Extensive experience in spring style and applied science complement our customer's style groups. Kalyani Springs increasing international presence and in-depth data of the worldwide marketplace puts. Kalyani Springs at the vanguard of making market-specific solutions for patrons wants. The pressure plate applies pressure to the clutch disc to clamp it against the regulator and have interaction the clutch.  Pressure could also be generated by spring (static) pressure or centrifugal pressure.  Static pressure is constant, which means that whether or not the engine is turned off or spinning 7000 revs, the pressure ne'er changes. Following the trail of current market development, we have a tendency to area unit engaged in providing a supreme quality array of Pressure Plate Springs. Our offered springs area unit wide used for installation in pressure plates and area unit noted for his or her high sturdiness. The provided spring’s area unit exactly factory-made by our deft professional's mistreatment quality-tested raw materials and ultra-modern techniques. Besides, these springs area unit offered at the foremost competitive rates to our purchasers.
· Specific design
· Corrosion resistance
· Dimensional stability.

The pressure plate, as its name implies, applies pressure to the clutch disc for the transfer of force to the transmission. The pressure plate, once similarly because the clutch disc and regulator makes and breaks the flow of power from the engine to the transmission. Clutch chatter could also be a standard symptom which will indicate a worn clutch, however, this symptom might even be caused by oil leaky from the engine onto the clutch assembly, a poor regulator surface, broken pressure plate unhitch levers, a sprung clutch disc hub and improper alignment between the engine and transmission. For more information regarding spring custom manufactured parts, please call us at 9990044777 or e-mail us at or visit


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